Prop Hire

Props we like to use and for you to hire.

We’ve collected quite a few props over the years and we’re pleased to now make them available to you for hire. When you book you’re wedding with us you can also hire a variety of props to enhance your wedding flowers and venue.

Items can be returned up to 3 days after the wedding or collected by us for an additional charge.

Decorative Props


Silver Candelabra

Size: 74 cm Height
Quantity: 12
Hire: £10
Replacement: £80



enamel jugs and vases

Mixed Enamel Jugs

Hire: £2 each
Quantity: 8
Replacement: £20



Flower Crates

Vintage Wooden Crates

Size: Assorted
Hire: £1, £2, £3
Quantity: 10




Heart Wreath

Rustic Heart

Size: Average height 70cm
Quantity: 8
Hire: £2 each
Replacement: £6



Milk churn


Painted Milk Crate

Quantity: 1
Hire: £10
Replacement: £65


White Crates

Vintage Painted White Crates

Size: Assorted
Quantity: 10
Hire: Average £2 each




Silver Vessels

Size: Small- h29cm, w24cm Large- h31, w28
Quantity: Small-2 Large-1
Hire: £5 each
Replacement: Small- £25, Large- £30

Glass long vase

Tall Glass Vase

Size: 63cm Height
Quantity: 12
Hire: £10 each
Replacement: £30



Bird Cages

White Bird Cages

Size: Assorted
Quantity: 1 of each size
Hire: £2 each



Metal Vase

Silver Trumpet Vase

Size: 61cm Height
Quantity: 6
Hire: £10 each
Replacement: £80



Mirrored Vase

Mirrored Glitter Vase

Size: 83cm Height
Quantity: 1
Hire: £20 each
Replacement: £85


Outdoor/Indoor Props

IMG_20160421_141549 Urn1 IMG_20160421_102043106

Large Urns & Plinths

Size: Average – 110cm
Quantity: 3 x 2 pairs
Hire: £15 each (urn & plinth)
Replacement: £150



Bay Tree
Bay Tree with Ribbon or Without

Size: 150cm
Quantity: 2
Hire: £20 each or £25 with Ribbon
Replacement: £75




Buxus Balls

Size: Assorted
Quantity: 2 large, 2 small
Hire: £10 for Large, £5 for small
Replacement: £60/£40